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Porto… Eu tenho saudades tuas

Oh my dear Porto…. from the moment I saw you… it was love at first sight. I cannot say enough good things about this city.  Porto will win your heart , and if you haven’t been here… don’t come… there’s nothing to see 😉 ( I kinda want to keep it hidden…before all the other tourists find out)

Porto is full of history, art, music, culture, romance… love..

Even though I only stayed for 4 days, it was more than enough to realize that this city has something very special…it feels as it has been carefully preserved …true to its essence and its charm. Time goes by slow… peaceful… untainted…

Portuguese people know and have learned to savor life and the things that truly matter… like seating in a cafe… having endless conversations over dinner …taking naps in the middle of the day and enjoying the little but yet so important things in life.

I won’t write about the tourist places that I saw…because anyone can do that.. but what I will write about is the feeling I had while visiting this city. I felt grateful , each and every day for being able to wake up here… seeing all of its beauty…for being able to taste their food ,  the oh so good Port wine and able to share such unforgettable moments and because life is good.

Porto… a lil peace of heaven on earth.




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