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London town

London is an interesting city with lots of interesting characters…. It felt more progressive than others, having a melting pot of races, religions , fashion, food… and something that really stood out.. So many good looking men! (I had to say that)

Exploring London was a bit hard because of the gloomy and rainy weather but I was lucky enough to be able to explore some of the main landmarks like the London Eye, the Big Ben and of course the Queen’s Palace.

If there’s one thing I was gladly impressed by in London is how polite people are…out of my entire travel time, I had around 3-4 people that tried to help me with my carry on…that hadn’t happened anywhere else. Thank you Londoners!

But besides the usual tourist spots, I must say I had the best Indian Food by far! I can’t remember the name of the restaurant I visited, all I know is that it was tiny and it was packed! but it was definitely worth it.

Despite the not so friendly weather, London is a great city to visit, full of people from all walks of life …living harmoniously, where cultures , languages and food meet to make one great city.


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