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Welcome to Miami- Bienvenido a Miami

I think is about time I write about Miami…I mean…I’ve written about my travels , but have not given any love to the city I currently live in…tsk tsk..

I moved to Miami more than 20 years ago and it’s been my second home. It’s kinda of love/hate relationship …Sometimes I wake up and think ..wow!…this is one beautiful place..then I have to deal with traffic and think…why am I still living here!?! :p

Let’s just focus on all the good things about Miami and let me share with you some of the highlights and must see of this city.

Now, as a tourist, I’m sure when you think of Miami … first thing that comes to mind is…BEACH TIME! and yes you are totally right. Miami has some of the most beautiful beaches. Calm , blue seas, white sands… No waves..

But let me tell you a lil secret…there’s more to Miami than South Beach!…Ok yes I know, you probably want to see the famous Ocean Drive, Art Deco hotels and maybe have a cocktail at the SLS or the Delano. I get it…it’s worth it. But remember that we have plenty of other places worth checking out.

Miami has a few neighborhoods that I consider everyone must see :

Miami Beach: that’s where you will find most of the tourists. It’s very convenient since you can walk everywhere and of course, the beach is a few blocks away.

Brickell: very close to Downtown Miami. Full of high-rises , young professionals, upscale bars and restaurants. Some of the best views of the city.

Wynwood: The artsy neighborhood, full of graffiti, art galleries, Handcrafted beer , hipsters and PBR.

Midtown: In between downtown and Wynwood. Full of shops, restaurants, high end stores and furniture stores, bars,  upscale crowd.

Coral Gables: One of the oldest neighborhoods, older crowds, Spanish Influenced design and architecture, good restaurants and quieter nightlife.

So much to see, so little time! In my next blog, I will give you tips on some of the best spots to go to…but shhh! don’t tell everyone.. otherwise ..these places will not be so cool anymore 😉


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