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Paris is always a good idea



Paris is one of the cities that no matter what you expected..you will end up loving. The sense of history, romance and beauty is seen and felt everywhere. I arrived in Paris , took the metro and installed myself in my “temporary” apartment ,which by the way, was on the 6th floor with no elevator.  The airbnb I rented was tiny, but it had the amazing view of the Eiffel tower , so it was definitely worth it.

I can honestly confess, being in Paris was the only time I felt intimidated by the overall trip. I guess for a moment it hit me…. I was traveling alone, in a city in which I didn’t know the language and I was far far away from home. I did have a small “breakdown” but I called my best friend and she re-assured me this was going to be an amazing trip and an experience; she shook me up , told me to get dressed and go explore.

And so I did…I walked the streets of Paris,  sat in one of those cafes by myself and thought..Sabrina…you are going to be ok. I guess is normal to have these thoughts during a long solo trip; we often become overwhelmed by the unknown but don’t let those thoughts take over. If there’s anything I learned, is that people are more than willing to help and you will end up meeting someone who’s just like you, traveling alone and wanting to connect.

I met amazing people during my time in Paris. A girl from Miami (yes really), another girl from Thailand, 3 amazing guys from Portugal. All of them, at different times and on different dates made my experience an amazing one. One website I have to thank for that is couchsurfing. I definitely suggest you try it when traveling oversees. This website offers events and you can email travelers just like you.


Anyway, back to Paris….There’s so much to see and be ready to walk…a lot. See the Sacre-Coeur, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Jardim de Luxemburg, Tuileries Garden…take your time, seat in one of the parks, drink champagne and wait three hours for the Eiffel Tower to light up… is all about the moments and the experience. Take it all in…Thank you Paris.




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