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Traveling Solo…3

Preparing the luggage and what to pack 

Being that this was my first time traveling solo and for that many days ..23 to be exact; I figured I had to pack light and smart. I watched a few videos on youtube to guide me on essential things to take and not to take. One thing I knew for sure is that I was only going to take a carry on and a travel purse, so it left me very little room for error.

First off, I went to the store and bought 2 of those plastic bags that allow u to put a bunch of clothes together and then as u roll the bag it takes out all the air …what is that called?? anyway, you get the point. Those bags are a true life saver since I was going during may-june and the weather is kind of in the middle, some items can be bulky and take up space. I packed 2 long sleeve cardigans, 3 scarfs, 2 jeans one long, one capri, 3 tank tops, 5 shirts , one pair of flats, one pair of boots, black dressy jacket, underwear, pjs, toiletries , emergency kit, battery charger (this saved my life so many times) , cellphone, cellphone charger, iPad, vitamins, medicine i.e. ibuprofen, hand sanitizer, sunglasses , converter, headphones (very important for those long train rides or metro rides). Travel pillow, earplugs, book or magazine.

Since I stayed in airbnbs , I made sure all of them offered a washer , so I was able to wash clothes and re-use them as my trip continued. One thing I regret and please don’t make the same mistake, is taking boots with high heels…(don’t do it!) Europe is a place for waking, and as cute as my boots were,they did not work well . Next time, regular boots.

One thing I discovered, is that the nightlife in Europe is very chill, people don’t care too much what you wear like in Miami for example. So jeans and a shirt with a cool jacket and accessories is more than enough for a night out. Dresses…please..don’t even bother. Just make sure u take unique accessories like nice pair of earrings, a cute scarf and you are set to go.  Remember, nobody knows you, so it is ok to repeat outfits, mix and match and yes, you will buy clothes over there as well; so leave some room on your carry on for additional purchases.

I ended up buying a skirt, a pair of light pants and a t-shirt from H&M.

Europe is simple and you should too , remember there will be a lot of trains , metros, busses , and having to carry a heavy luggage will not make your trip any easier. Travel light and smart. It will make the journey so much more enjoyable.



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